With data recovery we bring back you lost data form your broken harddrive or storage media. Data recovery is almost always possible, no matter the operating system.

If your harddrive of storage media doesn’t work anymore our first advice is to turn of the device so no more damage can be done.

“Our first step will be to examine the storage media in the lab. During this examination, we will determine the issue, estimate the time required for resolution, and provide you with a cost estimate. The examination typically takes approximately 30 minutes and costs €54.45. If you decide to proceed with the data recovery after the examination, you will receive a €25.00 discount on the examination fee.

You can schedule an appointment for the examination from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM.”


We can recover data from your computer, laptop, iMac, and MacBook, whether the hard drive is physically or software-wise damaged.


Did you drop your phone or tablet, and it’s no longer working? Or do you have another (software-related) issue? We can help you retrieve your data.


You can rely on us for data recovery from your external hard drive, RAID SATA drives, USB stick, flash memory, and more.

Price indecation


  • Within 30 minutes, we will determine:
  • What the issue is with your device.
  • We will also assess what can be recovered or repaired during this 30-minute examination.
  • e will estimate how long the data recovery process is expected to take based on the nature and complexity of the issue with your storage media.
  • We will provide an estimate of the costs for the data recovery during the 30-minute examination, taking into account the specific issues with your storage media and the necessary steps for recovery.
  • €25,00 sale on data recovery


85,00starting price
  • Software-based recovery


275,00starting price
  • Hardware-based recovery
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